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martes, 12 de enero de 2010

Convocatoria de Arte Correo

Call for application

International Mail Art Exhibition in Nyíracsád

The Local Authority of Nyíracsád, Dózsa György Cultural Centre and the Tour inform Office are calling for an application to create Mail-Art (postal –art) works of arts.

Topic: Flying

Size: maximum: 40 cms by 30 cms

Technic: not fixed

Number of works: maximum 2

The works mustn’t disturb any national feelings or feelings of ethnic minorities.

Deadline for the works of art to arrive:

2010. March 01.

Address: Kiss József


Széchenyi Street 11.


4262 or

There will be an exhibition from the works of arts opening on 24 April 2010 in the Mill Gallery in Nyíracsád.

We won’t send back the works, they will be in the ownership of the Local Authority of Nyíracsád, and they will be exhibited in the Mill Gallery.

We are planning to continue this application every second year with different topics.

We are also planning to open a Mail Art Gallery in Nyíracsád and exhibit the collection there.

It would be advisable to start posting any “Mail Art” contributions from the beginning of December, January so they don’t get accumulated at the post office just before the deadline.

Dr Katona Gyula Kiss József

mayor painter, organiser

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